Every social media post is accompanied by a text / caption. At the time of creating a campaign (Product Sale / Daily Deal / Coupon Code / Auto-Pilot), you can set multiple captions for each the posts going out on each social channel. 

You can choose which captions to include in the campaign. 

To add a post text, click on 'Add New Post Text' in the Generate Marketing Plan page. Add as many as you like. Select the ones that you'd like to include in your campaign by checking the box next to it. 

Note: Campaign and shop information (shop name / campaign link /  discount, etc) is included in the default text set by us. Don't forget to add these replaceable tags while setting your caption. To add them click on { } in the top bar of your edit box.

Check the box next to the captions you want include. The system will use them alternatively with the posts created. 

For instance, you've selected 5 out of your 6 captions and have 4 social media posts going out. The first 4 captions will go out on the first day and the 5th caption will go out on the 2nd day and so on. 

* Using different captions will help you engage your customers better on social media. 

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