We've added 5 exciting features to the Marketing Plan that make Socioh the best tool to promote your promotions and discounts. 

After our recent upgrades, you have even more control over when your posts go out, on which channel and the text that goes along with it. 

What's new: 

1. Choose days to promote

Till now the Marketing Plan generated posts for each day, for the duration of the campaign. But now you can decide which days you'd like to send out the posts. You can send out your posts daily, on alternate days or at different times on each day. 

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2. Rotate post captions

Variety is essential for keeping fans engaged. Set any number of captions for your posts. 

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3. Clear published posts from your social channels

Do you often end up deleting social media posts of expired sales and coupons? Well, now you don't need to do it manually. Use the Clear Post button to delete old social media posts. 

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4. Add a social channel to an ongoing marketing plan 

You no longer have to stop your current marketing plan to include / exclude a social channel from it. 

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5. Edit an ongoing marketing plan

Edit the post time, frequency, post captions in a current marketing plan without having to stop it. 

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