You can edit any text within the layout while scheduling a campaign/poster (Product Sale/Daily Deal/Auto-Pilot/Coupon Code/ Share a Poster) OR from the Calendar Tab after it has been scheduled.  

While Scheduling:

1. After you Create Marketing Plan, you will see all the posts scheduled. 

2. Click on Edit Image at the bottom of the post. 

3. Click on the text that you want to edit 

4. You can edit the copy, font size, font, color, and alignment of the text from the right side of your screen. 

5. You can add a text box by selecting Text from the extreme left panel. 

6. Add Text Element 

7. Click Save after making all the edits. 

After Scheduling: 

1. Go to your Socioh dashboard ( -> log in). 

2. Go to the ‘Calendar’ tab from the left column.

3. Filter your posts by campaign. You can also filter your posts by social channels. 

4. Click on Edit Image at the bottom of the post 

5. Follow steps 3 to 7, mentioned under While Scheduling section.  

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