If you want to add a Pinterest board or a WordPress or Blogger website / blog  to your Feeds, you just need the link of the website / board. 

Here are detailed steps: 

  1. Pinterest board 
  2. WordPress / Blogger

If you're interested in adding a Medium blog, here are the steps

However, to follow a blog / website that's not hosted on Blogger or WordPress, you'll need the RSS URL of that source. 

Here's how you can find the RSS URL: 

1. Go to that website / blog and right click. 

2. Choose View Page Source. 

3. Search for RSS by either pressing Cmd + F (Mac) or Ctrl + F (Windows). 

4. The link after href is the RSS URL for that website. 

And you're done!

It might look scary, the code and all. But it's super easy. Give it a try and if you have any trouble, we are there to answer your questions. 

Click on the orange and white chat box in the bottom-right corner of your dashboard and ask us. 

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