The idea behind Q-rator is that you should be able to share any type of content that you like with ease. 

To follow any content source (blog / Pinterest board), you need the RSS URL. This is different from the URL of the source. Learn more about how you can find the RSS URL. 

For instance, the Feed URL of Buffer blog is, whereas the blog URL is  

The Feed URL helps our system automatically find the latest posts from that source.  

To add your own content sources (other than the Popular Feeds), click on the wheel icon next to My Feeds.  

Enter the Feed URL and click on Search for Feeds

Click on Follow next to the feed under Results

You can add this to an existing Collection or create a new one. Adding to a Collection helps in quick discovery of content. 

You can add up to 20 external sources. You can see the count of the remaining content sources that you can add from the tally displayed next to Your Custom Feeds

All your followed sources will be displayed on this page. You can easily unfollow any content source by clicking on Unfollow. 

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