How to go about editing a Branded Catalog template.

Master Templates  

(When you want edits to apply to ALL creatives) 

1. When you create a catalog, start with any template that's closest to the design you'd like, or a simple frame.

2. In the fourth or the Review and Save screen under the Catalog tab, click on the variation* you'd like to edit and then "Edit" Master Template. 

2. You can change up the colors, edit text (step 3 onwards), or change background (steps 3 onwards).  

3. Select Save and then Publish / Update catalog.

*Socioh's templates can have multiple variations so that you products are fitted well. Images with different width-height ratios are automatically fitted into a variation closest to them. You can disable template variations that you do not want, or keep all variations. For changes to apply to ALL creatives, make sure that you have customized all the variations in use. 

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