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My ad is not spending. What did I do wrong?
My ad is not spending. What did I do wrong?

What to do if your ad is approved but not delivering

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Once you've created your ad on Socioh, Facebook uses a mix of human and automated reviewers to check it before it goes live.  Facebook typically reviews ads within 24-48 hours.

If your ad is approved but it's not reaching your customers, here's what you should check:

1. Audience size: this is the major reason your retargeting campaigns, especially your 'sales recovery campaign' or the 'advanced recovery campaign', don't deliver.

Check your Facebook pixel data in your Events Manager. We recommend a minimum of 500 unique users at the bottom of your funnel. This means that you should have at least 1000 users in your View Content segment in the last 28/30 days. If the number is lower than that, you have two options:

i) Leave one retargeting campaign (the Sales Recovery Campaign) running at a low budget (say $2-3 per day) and focus on creating some interest-based prospecting ads.
ii) Discontinue all ads and focus on building traffic through Social Media till your website traffic reaches about 10,000 monthly visitors. Check out our blog on the best strategies to increase your traffic using your social media.

2. Campaign set-up: Check your campaign set up. Here are some of the things to check for:
i) Have you added too many audiences in the same ad set? This can often be confusing for Facebook and it may take longer to start delivering in such a case.
ii) Catalog setup: make sure you've chosen a full-shop catalog for a DPAs (Dynamic Product Ad). Your Conversion ads should showcase a catalog with at least 10-15 products in it.
iii) Budget: Socioh will usually give you a warning when this happens, but check that your budget isn't too high or too low for your audience. Here's how to get your ad spend just right.

Still can’t figure out why your campaign isn’t reaching customers? Drop us a message using the chat icon on your screen and we’ll review your set up.

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