Replaceable Links automatically display the correct value at the time of posting.

For example, if we use the tag Shop Name (screenshot below), the post will show

Previously, we used to support a Replaceable Link called Campaign URL, which redirected viewers to a page which contained all the products tagged in your post. This Replaceable Link will no longer be available from 1st Nov.

Why have we removed Campaign URL?

The Campaign URL used to display the short link Some users expressed a preference for showing their own shop URLs instead, which was not possible with the Campaign URL.

What is the alternative to Campaign URL?

You can now use one of 2 options:

1. Product List: If you use this, your caption will display a list of all the products tagged in the post. You can configure this further to include:Product titleProduct title and linkProduct title and priceProduct title, link and priceWe recommend including the link for easier discoverability. You can also choose between the full link which will display your shop URL for each product or the short link which will continue to use Here is an sample caption for store using Product List: 


2. Tagged Products Page: This displays a single link which will click through to page on your own website with the tagged products. Here is the same caption using the Tagged Products Page instead of the Products List:

It clicks through to page like this:

- Going forward our default caption will automatically use Product List instead of Campaign URL.

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