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How can I set up a Facebook retargeting campaign through Socioh?
How can I set up a Facebook retargeting campaign through Socioh?

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Follow the steps below to set up your retargeting campaign (dynamic product ad) through Socioh: 

1. Click Advertising tab. 

2. Click Dynamic Product Ad to create campaign. 

3. Choose an audience*.
*We suggest starting with Cart Abandoners in the past 7-14 days, based on your audience size. An audience of 500 is a good beginning, 1,000+ is ideal. You can increase the size of your audience by increasing the number of days selected in this section.   

4. Set your budget - daily / lifetime.

5. Select the placement of your ads. 

6. Click on ‘New Ad Creative’. If you already have created a catalog for the campaign, you should be able to select it here. 

7. The headline and description have been auto filled with your product’s title and price. You can edit these if needed. 

8. Write the caption that you would like to include with your ad.

9. Your store link is automatically added as the ‘See More’ URL. However, you can edit this to lead to a different page or a particular collection.

10. Preview how your ad will look on the mobile, desktop or on Instagram in the right column.

11. Click the blue ‘Save ad’ button.

12. You can now create an additional ad set for your campaign or set your campaign live on Facebook by clicking the blue ‘Create Campaign’ button at the bottom of the page.

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