Socioh saves you time: You can set your retargeting campaign with just a few clicks. Socioh deeply integrates with your store and imports all product information to your Socioh dashboard.
The app's interface is designed solely for e-commerce. This means that you skip weeks of learning Facebook advertising.        

Create Branded Catalogs: With Socioh’s Branded Catalogs you can include key campaign info - discount, price, promo code - in the ad creative itself. This helps communicate the marketing message visually rather than hiding it in ad copy, leading to more clicks, more traffic, & more conversions.  

Regular updates: Socioh syncs with your store every 24 hours (unless you have subscribed to the Professional / Enterprise plan) and updates your products catalogs. This makes sure that only latest inventory is advertised.      

Audiences: We create ready to use audiences for your store based on your pixel data. All you need to do is choose which one to include and the one to exclude. All of this is available without you having to create custom audiences. 

Campaign guidance: If you get stuck anywhere just shoot us a message using the in-app chat button.   

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