Socioh automatically creates a Branded Catalog for all the products in your store using your brand logo and colors.

For supported platforms, we pull your brand logo and colors automatically from your store and add them to your Brand Kit. If we do not get access to these from your platform, we will prompt you to upload and configure these manually.

You can change the way your logo appears on this Branded Catalog by editing your catalog creative. You can do this by clicking on the "Edit" button under any variation that your products are fitted into on the "Review and Save" screen of the Catalog setup/editing flow.

You'll be directed to a design editor, where you may upload a different logo, change the size or position of your uploaded logo, and change the color of your logo's background band.

Remember to add your edits/logo to all active variations of a template.

Once you have published this catalog to Facebook, you will be able to use it to create dynamic ads on Socioh or through the Facebook Business Manager.

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