Quick Retargeting is the fastest way to set up a Dynamic Product Ad (DPA) for your store.

Step 1

Socioh automatically creates a Branded Catalog for all the products in your store, using your brand logo and brand colors. Publish this catalog to your Facebook Business Manager to use it for any dynamic ad on Instagram or Facebook.

 You can edit your logo and its size and alignment, and customise the colour of the background band by using the 'Edit Catalog Design' option.
  Socioh Tip: Once published, you will find your Branded Catalog under the 'Catalogs' tab in the left column of your Socioh dashboard.

Step 2

Socioh creates a Dynamic Product Ad (DPA) targeting Cart Abandoners with your Branded Catalog. Confirm the budget and caption of this ad and set it live.

The default values of your Quick retargeting DPA are:
 Products: All the products in your shop
 Audience: Cart Abandoners
 Placement: Automatic (decided by Facebook's algorithm)
 Budget (editable): $10
 Caption (editable):
 Other customers are buying products in your cart.
 ⭐Limited number left in stock, HURRY! ⭐

 Title: {product_name} (this will be replaced by your product title at the time of posting)
 Description: {price} (this will be replaced by your product price at the time of posting)

Socioh Tip: If you create your DPA through Socioh, you will be able to view or edit this campaign by clicking on 'Ad Set Up' > 'Dynamic Product Ad'.

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