With Socioh, you have complete control over which products will be displayed in your catalog for retargeting ads on Facebook. You can create catalogs with just the product set you want—it's easy to keep hidden products or those with lower stock out, or select a product set/category you wish to bring more attention to.

While creating a catalog with Socioh (click on the ‘Catalog’s tab in the left column of your dashboard), you will be able to select specific products to include (or exclude) in your catalog.

  1. The ‘Select Products’ screen:

This step gives you complete control over which products to include and which to exclude. You can choose to all products in your shop, include or exclude all products in a category (or multiple categories), products with specific tags, and further select or exclude products from these.

After you make your initial selection, and once you are done choosing your template, you are again directed to a review screen.

2. In the ‘Review and Save’ screen, you will, again, have the option to exclude any product creatives from your catalog.

You will be able to see which products are included in your final selection, and even edit how their creatives will look.

Pretty handy, right?

Need further support on selecting products in your catalogs, or confused about any of the features Socioh offers? Please reach out to us using the chat button on the bottom-right corner of the app. We'll be happy to help.

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