Socioh will help you promote your products & discounts through Facebook Advertising & organic promotions . 

 Here's what you get:


  1. Designed Catalog
    Super charge your product feed by including crucial info - branding, discount, coupon code - to make your ads stand out in your customer's Facebook feed. Designed Catalogs are proven to increase the click through rate by at least 30% that lead to improvement in down stream metrics like add to cart & purchases. 
  2. Dynamic Product Ads
    You can set your retargeting through Socioh dashboard in half the time you would take on Facebook. Use Designed Catalogs to target visitors at different stages of their buying journey. 
  3. Audience
    Not only can you access custom audiences, created on Facebook, in your Socioh dashboard but also create new audiences on the basis of pixel & order data. 

Organic Promotions 

  1. Sale
    Put any item(s) in your WooCommerce store on sale and promote these via our stunning layouts on social media
  2. Daily Deal
    Put one item on sale every day and promote this on social media. This encourages fans to visit your shop daily to check out that day’s deal.
  3. Coupons
    Import your coupon codes from your WooCommerce store and auto-promote them on social media.
  4. Auto Pilot
    Don’t have a sale or a coupon. No problem! Create a marketing plan for your products in our awesome layouts. 
  5. Product Posters
    If you’re not ready to start an automated marketing campaign, you can personally choose any of our layouts to promote your products and shop. 
  6. Qrator
    Take a break from product promotions and engage your followers with informational content. Schedule articles, blogs, GIFs through Qrator.  
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