To post on Instagram, in addition to the Socioh account, you need: 

  1. The Instagram app on your mobile 
  2. The Socioh Instagram app on your mobile (Android / iPhone

Instagram DOES NOT allow third-party apps to post directly on behalf of users. This is how the posting process works -

  1. Download the Socioh Instagram app on your mobile and log in. 
  2. Make sure that you have the Instagram app on your mobile (log in to the account to which you want to post). 
  3. Check if the notifications are enabled for Socioh (Android / iPhone).   
  4. Go to your Socioh dashboard on desktop.
  5. Select the campaign type (Product Sale, Coupon Code, Auto-Pilot, Daily Deal, and Share a Poster) from the 'Marketing' tab and schedule your post. 
  6. You'll receive a notification on your phone at the scheduled time of your post. Click on the notification and follow the instructions. 
  7. Make sure that you copy paste the caption of your posts. Due to Instagram limitations, we can't post the captions directly. Users need to copy and paste them while posting. 

This video explains in detail how to post on Instagram using Socioh - Android / iPhone

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