By default, posts aren’t clickable on Instagram. Instagram has only one clickable link - in the bio.

By using Socioh’s clickable link, you get a middle page, where you can direct users to different destination sites. This video will walk you through how clickable posts work: Clickable Posts 

Here’s how you can get clickable posts:

  1. From the Home tab, make sure that you are connected to your correct Instagram account.

2. If you want to change the Instagram account to another one, here are the steps:
    i) Open Instagram (desktop) in a new tab. Log in to your preferred account.
    ii) Go to the Instagram tab in your Socioh dashboard. 

   iii) Click on ‘Reconnect Instagram’ in the right corner. 

3. Now, click on ‘Get Yours Now’ under Clickable Posts.

4. Copy your clickable link and place this in your Instagram bio.

** The middle page for clickable posts is available for ‘Pro’ subscribers. If you’ve subscribed to the 'Basic' plan, the clickable link will redirect users to your online store.

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