NOTE: We have just released a major upgrade to the app and some steps in this article may not be accurate. We are in the process of updating the Help.

In Daily Deal, one product from the selected products goes on sale for 24 hours. It is removed from sale at the end of 24 hours and then the next product goes on sale, and so on.

The duration of a Daily Deal campaign is decided by the number of products you include in your campaign. For instance, if you create a campaign for 24 products, the Daily Deal will run for 24 days.

Setting up a Daily Deal

  1. Go to Daily Deal under Marketing in your Socioh dashboard ( -> log in). 

4. Click on Create Sale.
5. Enter sale information such as sale name*, discount percentage and start date.  

6. Select the products for the Daily Deal campaign. Click on Next.
7. You can edit the sequence in which your products will go on sale from the Sale Summary. In the Reorder column, click on your product and drag it to your preferred date. Click on Next

9. In Sale Preview, you can choose the prefix and stickers for your sale. Click on Schedule Sale.

And, you’re done!

*Sale name is for your reference only. It will not be visible in your store.

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