NOTE: We have just released a major app update and some steps in this article may not be accurate. We are in the process of updating the Help.

This is different from Product Poster. Whereas, a product poster is a single post, the Auto-Pilot generates an ongoing series of posts for you. 

Create an Auto-Pilot campaign

  1. Go to Auto-Pilot under the Marketing tab of your Socioh dashboard ( -> log in) 

2. Set the Start Date and select the Products that you want to promote. In Auto-Pilot, there is no End Date. You can end your campaign by clicking on the Stop Auto-Pilot button. 

3. Set the frequency, time and text of your posts.

4. If you want the current marketing plan's settings (time, frequency and text) for your future campaigns as well, select Save these settings for future campaigns

5. Click on Create Marketing Plan once you’re done. Review the social media posts and click on Schedule Plan.

And you're done!

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