NOTE: We have just released a major app update and some steps in this article may not be accurate. We are in the process of updating the Help.

If you want to promote you non-discounted products, 'Share a Poster' is perfect for you. This is a one-time post only **. You can schedule 6 types of Posters:

  1. Quick Share - share your product or schedule it for later
  2. Product Poster - promote your products in our stunning layouts
  3. Share a Quote - if you feel that your feed is getting crowded with product posts, you can share our inspirational, witty, and funny quotes
  4. This Or That - engage your customers by making them vote for their favorite option.
  5. Tag A Friend - encourage your customers to tag their friends who'd like similar products. 
  6. Share A Review - Use customer reviews to spread the good word about your store.  

Here are the steps: 

1. Go to the Marketing tab in the left column of your Socioh dashboard ( -> log in). 

2. Click on Share a Poster

3. Choose your preferred Poster type and select the layout.
4. You will now be able to 

  1. Edit Image 
  2. Edit Text 

5. Click on Post Now if you want your Poster to go out immediately, and Schedule Post if you want to post it in the future. 

And you're done!

** To schedule a series of posts, check out the Auto-Pilot feature. 

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