NOTE: We have just released a major app update and some steps in this article may not be accurate. We are in the process of updating the Help.

The Posters will have a default text. You can, of course, customize it. 

You can edit the text at two stages - a) while creating/scheduling the post, b) when the post is already scheduled. 

a) Editing at the time of creating / scheduling a Poster

1. In the right column of the ‘Create Social Post’ page, you’ll see the list of all the social channels.

2. Click on ‘Options’. Enter your text in the text box and click on 'Schedule Post' / 'Post Now'.

And you're done!

Hashtags in the text

- We include hashtags in the text for all social channels. To remove hashtags from the text, please un-check the 'Add 14 hashtags from' box.

- From displays the hashtag list. Click on the drop-down to select another list. 

b) Editing a scheduled Poster (from the 'Calendar' tab)

1. Click on the 'Calendar' tab in the left column of your dashboard.

2. Filter the posts by campaign type - select 'User Posts' 

3. There is a date scroll at the top of the screen. You can go to a post on a particular date from here.

4. Click the 'Edit Text' button from the bottom bar of the post and follow instructions. 

And you're done!

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