NOTE: We have just released a major app update and some steps in this article may not be accurate. We are in the process of updating the Help.

We have an extremely advanced image editing tool. You can edit the image while Creating a Poster OR from the Calendar tab after scheduling the poster. 

Creating / scheduling a poster 

1. Once you've selected the theme, you'll see your post.  

2. If you want to change the layout (theme), click on Edit Layout. And if you only want to change the products in the layout, click on Change Products

Edit Layout

1. You can change the entire layout, add different elements or add / change text in a post. Choose the desired option from the extreme-left panel. 

Here are the steps for each editing option: 

2. Save your changes once you're done. 

Change Products

1. Click on Change Products. 

2. In the right column, you'll see different product options. For products that are best fits for the layout, choose from Best Fit. All Products will list out all your products. 

You can also upload custom images from My Uploads. And if you'd like to use a stock image, go to Library

3. Click Done once you're through changing products. 

From the Calendar tab

  1. Click on the Calendar tab in the left column of your dashboard.

2. Filter the posts by campaign type - select User Posts. 

3. There is a date scroll at the top of the screen. You can go to a post on a particular date from here.

4. Click the Edit Image button from the bottom bar of the post and follow the steps mentioned here: Editing Image

And you're done!

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