NOTE: We have just released a major app update and some steps in this article may not be accurate. We are in the process of updating the Help.

1. Go to Share a Poster under Marketing in your Socioh dashboard. 

3. Go to Share a Review

4. Select a theme. 

5. Your layout has different parts. Each part is labelled with the information that needs to go there. 

  • Add your customer review here - enter your customer testimonial
  • Yellow product image box - click on the box to add your product image. You can either use one your existing product images in the Socioh dashboard or upload a different one. 
  • Customer name - enter the information of the buyer who left you the review. 
  • Product title here - add your product title here.

6. Click on Done once you're through.
7. You can either post your review at that time or schedule it

Note: Customer Review Here, Customer Name, Product Title Here are text boxes and you will be able to copy paste text here. 

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