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What is the difference between the Catalog Plan and the Buddy Plan?
What is the difference between the Catalog Plan and the Buddy Plan?
Why Etsy stores cannot use Socioh's Buddy Plan
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The Buddy Plan is only available for stores hosted on platforms other than Etsy.

Since Etsy's integration with the Facebook Pixel has been phased out except for Etsy Pattern users, Socioh needs to enable custom integrations to enable ads for you. This is why our Buddy Plan can no longer be used by Etsy stores.

If you're looking to run any ads on Facebook and/or Instagram via Socioh, you must have a Facebook Pixel installed on your website, and subscribe to any of our advertising plans.

Etsy users looking to create a product feed of their store listings for Facebook shops or Instagram shopping can use Socioh's Catalog Plan. It is customised to help Etsy users create a plain catalog of all their listings, with their inventory information, from Etsy. We also offer a custom domain setting for your verified domain name (for use with Instagram shopping).

If you're subscribed to our Catalog Plan, your catalog will be updated regularly with your current inventory, to keep your FB and IG shops synced with your Etsy store.

Please reach out to our support team if you have any other questions using the chat box on the bottom right corner of your screen.

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