Here's how you can import a CSV file to Socioh:

1. Go to the "Catalogs" tab on the left side and then click on the "Create New Catalog" button.

2. Select any of your review mapped templates from the "My Templates" or from "Socioh Templates" section. In the next screen, select "All products" and then click "Next" (bottom left).

3. Find the "Use Product Reviews" section (bottom left) and click on the "Set up Reviews platform" button.

4. Select CSV file from the first drop-down.

5. Download the Sample CSV file.

Once you've downloaded the sample file, open the file using your preferred sheets editor.

The sample CSV will be divided as follows:

  • Column 1: review_title - This is where review titles go. Text format.

  • Column 2: review_content - This is where review descriptions go. Text format.

  • Column 3: review_score - This is where review ratings go. Numerical format.

  • Column 4: created_at - This is where the review creation date goes. Date format.

  • Column 5: product_id - This is where Shopify product data goes. Numerical format.

All the fields on this sheet are mandatory for us to correctly import review data.

Reach out to us if you face any trouble using the help bubble on the bottom right on the Socioh app.

Copy the respective data from your stores' review platform export into Socioh's CSV file.

Once done, save the file and upload this file on Socioh through the same review integrations screen.

After you select the files, click "Upload" on Socioh and that should be it.

Give it a while (about 10 minutes) to import the reviews.
Next, leave the catalog creation, refresh the page, start a new catalog & select the review template to use - you will see the reviews mapped and ready.

Here's a guide to edit the reviews you've just imported.

If you're stuck at any step here, do let us know and we'll help you out! :)

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