The person who adds a shop first (Etsy / Shopify / WooCommerce / Ecwid) on Socioh is the 'Admin' of that shop.  

An Admin can add multiple 'Managers' for that shop

Admin will have access to all the features and tabs in the dashboard.

A manager can: 

  • Delete existing campaigns (even the ones created by the admin) 

  • Add a shop (they will then become the admin of this shop) 

A manager can't: 

- Add more team members 

- Remove the shop for which they are not an admin
- Access the 'Payment' tab. A manager can't upgrade to the paid plans
- Connect and disconnect Facebook 

Important: if multiple team members create a product sale / daily deal on same products for the same time period, those products will be a part of two sales. This can result in double discounting, multiple sale banners, etc. 

To avoid this, make sure that you coordinate with your managers before creating a campaign. 

Also see: 

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