There are two ways in which you change products in layouts:  
a) while scheduling a campaign (Marketing Plan)
b) from the 'Calendar' tab

Creating the poster

1. Once you've selected the theme for your poster, you'll get the option to Post Now / Schedule the post. Click on 'Change Products' in the bottom bar of the post. 

2. In the right column, you'll see 'All Products' and 'Upload Image'. Select 'All Product' to view all your products. And go to 'Upload Image' to upload a different image.

3. Select the product and click on 'Done' once you're through making changes. 

From the Calendar tab

  1. Go to the Calendar tab in your Socioh dashboard ( -> log in)

2. Scroll to the post in which you'd like to change the product.
3. Click 'Edit Post' and follow the steps mentioned above ( Creating the Poster) 

Note: We support these image types: jpeg, jpg, png, and bmp. The image size shouldn't be more than 2 MB. 

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