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How do I create a Facebook Shop with my Socioh catalog?
How do I create a Facebook Shop with my Socioh catalog?

Create a new Facebook Shop with your Socioh catalog

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If you have an existing Facebook Shop, make sure to delete the existing Facebook Shop and then proceed. Here's a guide.

Create a new Facebook Shop with Socioh's catalog:

1) Head to your Facebook Catalog Manager and click on the “Shops” tab.

PS: If you don’t see a “Shops” tab on the left-hand side, you may see a "Sales" tab instead - you can create a Shop through this tab as well.

2) Now click on the “Go to Shops” button to get started with your Facebook Shop setup.

3) After you click "Go to Shops", you can choose whether you want to enable customer checkout through Facebook/Instagram itself. This allows people to purchase directly from your Shop, without going to your store.

To keep it simple, we’ll proceed with the default selection “Checkout on Another Website” - which is going to be your website.

4) Select your Facebook/Instagram page under the associated Business Account where you want your Shop to show up.

PS: If your Facebook/Instagram page is grayed out, make sure you do not have Facebook Shop already published on the page(s). To remove an existing Facebook Shop, delete the catalog associated with that Shop through the Facebook Catalog Manager.

In case this doesn't help, you may need to reach out to Facebook Help.

Once you select this, Facebook may prompt you to confirm your business email address - go ahead and verify to proceed.

5) Choose the product catalog you’ve created using Socioh.

If you can’t find your catalog on this screen, visit this page and click on “View on FB” to check your catalog is created and your products are approved.

6) Review your Facebook Shop settings to make sure you’ve got everything right - and click "Finish Setup".

7) You will get this pop-up - click on View and Customize Shop.
Here you can customize it to your liking and then publish the shop.

That’s it! Your Shop will now show up on your Facebook/Instagram pages.

If you get stuck at any step, feel free to reach out to us through the help bubble and we’ll do our best to help out. :)

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