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How do I remove/delete an existing Facebook Shop?
How do I remove/delete an existing Facebook Shop?

Remove/delete existing Facebook Shop and create a new one to use Socioh's catalog.

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Deleting your Facebook Shop using Facebook's old page interface

1. Go to your Facebook page.
The page URL will be in this format ->
Simply replace "www" -> "business".
The new page URL will be in the format ->

Vist this new URL.

2. Click on the "Shop" tab on the left-hand side.

3. Click on the Settings icon (gear shape) on the right side.
Here look for "Delete Shop" and click on that to delete the Shop.

This will delete your Shop from your Facebook page and allow you to create a new Shop using Socioh's catalog. Here's a guide to creating a new Facebook Shop.

PS: If you get any error during Shop deletion, there may be a Facebook permission issue. Please verify that you have the right admin privileges to manage the page or ask the Facebook Page owner to delete the Shop.

As always, we're always here to help - reach out to us if you are stuck at any step or have any questions or concerns about the same! :)

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