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I can't see my products on my Facebook or Instagram Pages
I can't see my products on my Facebook or Instagram Pages
Trouble finding your products your Facebook/Instagram Shop? Here's a quick troubleshooting guide to help you out.
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1. Are your products published/active in your store?
Make sure your desired products are published and live in your store.
Once you've done this, resync your Etsy Shop by clicking on your store name on the top left and click on the “Resync” button on your dashboard.

2. Have you created a new Facebook/Instagram Shop?
If you are new to Facebook Shops, head over to your Socioh dashboard, click on "Set up FB Shop" and follow our Facebook Shop set-up guide.

If you already have an existing Shop, Facebook doesn't allow you to switch your catalog. You will need to delete your existing Facebook/Instagram Shop and then set up a new one with Socioh's catalog. After deleting the Shop, follow our Facebook Shop set-up guide on your dashboard to create a new Shop.

3. Is your Socioh catalog up-to-date?
You can quickly check if the catalog is up-to-date by checking the product count on your dashboard against the product count on your Etsy store.

Socioh's catalogs are updated daily. If you've added new products to your store, it may take a while for them to automatically reflect in your catalog.

For a full-shop catalog, use the "Resync" button on your dashboard to update your catalog with the latest products.

For a select-products catalog, "Edit" your catalog from your dashboard and "Publish" to update the catalog.

4. Using a catalog with selected products? Update your catalog product selection with your new/missing products.
If you have selected specific products in your catalog, you can click on "Edit" on your dashboard and select your desired products from the list. Once you're done, click "Publish" on the Review screen to save and update the catalog.

5. Sometimes, products show errors if they have Policy violations or incorrect information.
To check if any product is affected by this, use the “Issues” tab in your Facebook Catalog Manager to filter out any errors with the products.

6. Can't see your products in your Facebook Shop?
Visit your Facebook Page and go to your Shops section. Use the search bar to search for your product. Sometimes, they appear at the bottom and you may need to scroll down to find the products.

If you are still facing any issues, please reach out to us using the help bubble on the bottom right of your dashboard. :)

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