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FAQ - Review Integration for DPAs
FAQ - Review Integration for DPAs
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How do I connect my review app to Socioh?

Currently, we support the following review apps:,, Junip, & Yotpo.

Depending on the above-supported apps, follow the guides below:

Connecting Written guide.

Connecting Written guide.

Connecting Yotpo: Written guide.

Connecting Junip: Written guide.

Importing CSV file: Written guide.

I’m not using these review apps. What can I do?

Currently, we do not support integration outside of four apps:,, Junip, & Yotpo.

However, we are still in Alpha and we can consider including the integration if there’s enough demand for it. Fill this form and let us know what platform you use:

Or drop us a message through our chat, and we’ll note it down.

Have questions or need help? Reach out to us using the chat button on your Socioh dashboard. :)

Can I edit my reviews?


You can use the Review Manager to edit, change, delete or even add reviews.

Or follow the steps below:

1. Create a new catalog.

2. After you select your template, you can choose the review to add to each product (bottom left).

3. Click on the “Manage Reviews” to review and make edits to any review text:

4. Your Review Manager will pop up.

5. Here, you can individually edit the review, or delete it.

Reach out to us if you need any help. :)

I’ve changed my review app. How do I reconnect my new review app?

You can remove your current review platform and reconnect any of our supported apps:,, Junip, & Yotpo.

Or follow the steps below:

1. Start creating a new catalog. Select the “Manage Reviews'' button on the bottom left of the catalog preview screen.

2. The Review Manager will open up. On the top left, click on the “Change Review Platform” button.

3. Then click “Disconnect” to remove your current integration and then reconnect your preferred platform or use a CSV file import.

Can I exclude all products that don't have a review?

Yes! You can exclude all products with review with a single click. Use the "Exclude products without reviews" button to remove them.

Reach out to us if you need any help. :)

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